Dreaming about warm, sunny days and getting out and about? Us too! Spring is in the air but since life is a little unsettled right now, we’re still focusing on the indoors and creating light, airy interiors to lift the spirits and maximise every moment of extra daylight! Using pale colours in your home is a wonderful way to bring a sense of serenity as well as creating a neutral backdrop that ties together key design elements such as print, pattern and colour.

The soothing properties of wood
Synonymous with Scandinavian style, pale wood is beloved around the world for its ability to bring nature and texture to a room without overpowering the space. By allowing the natural wood grain to shine through, you gain all the benefits of biophilia, including reduced stress and an increased sense of wellbeing. From beautiful pale oak to our glazed finishes, DINE Living’s handcrafted dining tables allow their owners to echo Scandi style for chic, minimalist interiors that soothe the senses.

Contemporary, not cold
We all crave lighter, brighter décor in our homes for spring and indeed better weather makes this an appealing time to carry out renovation work. But those airy interiors that are so cool and stylish in summer can sometimes feel cold and spartan in the winter months – and that’s where soft furnishings and upholstery can really make a difference. Fabrics and even leather can add texture, warmth and acoustic softness to a space, helping it to feel like a sanctuary no matter what the season. Tufted dining chairs like our Cheltenham style are elegant, tactile and comfortable, making them an ideal addition to both contemporary and traditional interiors.