Scotland might not be far enough north for us to call ourselves Scandinavian, but here at DINE Living that doesn’t stop us from feeling inspired by Scandi style. Simple, minimal and uncluttered, Scandinavian interiors are a masterclass in design, focusing not only on how things look, but also how they work, to enhance a room on both a visual and practical level.

Our top pick of products to add to your Scandi inspired room

Typically incorporating a mixture of wooden finishes with a neutral colour palette, Scandinavian style can be adapted to suit both contemporary and country homes by blending bold patterns, industrial elements, delicate florals and rustic accents. Either way, the organic authenticity of these schemes makes them utterly irresistible to the eye, and deeply practical for modern living.


It’s not really surprising that we adore this timeless style – the Scandinavian principles of simplicity and functionality are echoed in DINE Living’s ethos, focusing on beautiful, natural timber and stunning craftsmanship. Both our rustic and contemporary style tables are ideal if you’re looking to emulate Scandi style in your home – we recommend choosing pale natural wood or neutral painted finishes for an authentic look.