A quality dining table is a big investment in any home – not just in terms of cost, but because the dining table is the nucleus for so much of our daily lives.

Choosing a table that can meet your everyday needs as well as your requirements for a special occasion can be quite tricky! DINE Living’s Ascott table fits the bill perfectly and it couldn’t be illustrated any better than in this stunning family home in Scotland, where its contemporary styling is perfectly suited to the very heart of the house.

With robust, high quality craftsmanship and a simple yet elegant design, the Ascott is versatile enough to be used for everyday dining in an open plan setting – but when extended and dressed for a formal dinner, as you can see, it’s truly stunning! Its clean lines and chunky shape will never go out of style and we love how this homeowner has accessorised their table with chairs in a bold colour and texture – the ideal way to switch things up according to your personal taste or interior style.