WITH our stunning extending tables catering for up to 28 people, here at DINE Living we consider ourselves rather experts on hosting dinner parties and gatherings for large numbers – and we know how daunting it can be to successfully style a special event!


Fretting about table settings and getting the ‘look’ exactly right can feel like a stretch too far when you’re already concerned about preparing and serving a meal for a crowd, but fear not – we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you throw a stylish, successful party with minimal stress.
Here are five essential ingredients for fabulous table dressing that will wow your guests…

1. The perfect table

We’ve got this one covered! Whether you prefer the contemporary, clean lines of our Ascott or Richmond tables, or the rustic charm of the Buckingham, DINE Living’s tables form the perfect backdrop for any celebration, combining practicality and style. Choose classic wooden chairs for a more informal look, or make a statement with luxurious upholstery for a truly decadent dining experience.

2. Light up

Good lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere for a special meal – too bright, and you’ll lose the feeling of intimacy, too dim and nobody will be able to see what they’re eating! Ideally, dimmable light fittings suspended above your table allow you to fully customize the effect – but if you don’t have these, candlelight is a great way to create an inviting look. If you’re dining with children, it’s best to choose battery operated tea lights or pillar candles for safety.

3. Dream theme

Creating a beautiful table is all about consistency so it’s a good idea to settle on a theme before you start. This can be a colour, a season, or anything that inspires you! The simplest ideas are often the most effective – a complementary colour palette across the crockery and table linens, accented by pops of contrasting colour or glimmering metallic tones in accessories such as candlesticks, sparkling glassware and a generous helping of natural greenery or flowers is timeless and suitable for any occasion.

4. Layer it up

Take a look at any professional table setting and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common – layers. The use of place mats, chargers plates, napkins and cutlery creates depth and interest while the addition of height in the form of floral displays, candlesticks or stemware, texture with a striking table runner, and even scented foliage or flowers, results in a visual feast and a real sense of theatre around the whole dining experience.

5. Make it personal

Individual place settings allow you to organize where each of your guests sits to ensure everyone feels comfortable and the conversation flows seamlessly – but they’re also a striking way to take your table setting to the next level. The simplest ideas, such as a beautifully hand-written card or luggage tag, can be so effective – but for extra special impact, consider a small gift at each place. A bundle of taper candles tied with ribbon, a sprig of scented foliage or a small parcel of truffles or pretty biscuits perched on top of each setting creates wonderful visual appeal as well as being a lovely gift for your guests to take away.