The unveiling of Pantone’s Colour of the Year is always a highlight for the design conscious, and here at DINE Living we were intrigued by the 2018 choice.


Pantone 18-3838 – or Ultra Violet – is a vibrant shade of purple communicating “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”; but the colour purple also has a rich and fascinating history.


In ancient times, purple pigment was made from marine snails in a laborious and hugely expensive process that made the dye the preserve of Royalty alone. The invention of synthetic dyes finally made the colour widely accessible, and a whole array of shades appeared, from delicate lilac to deep aubergine.


Ultra Violet sits somewhere in the middle; a vibrant yet refined shade reminiscent of the night sky. But we know what you’re thinking – would you put it on your walls? Or choose it for your soft furnishings?

The richness and complexity of purple make it a wonderful colour to incorporate into your home and Ultra Violet is a great starting point from which to explore its enigmatic spectrum.


If you prefer paler shades but don’t want to fall into a 1980s ‘lilac trap’ then we recommend choosing blue or grey-based dusky shades of violet and mauve for a contemporary alternative to the ubiquitous neutrals such as grey and taupe – perfect when you need to add warmth and depth to a scheme without bringing yellow tones into the mix.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, the richness of purple really comes into its own; think deep berry and jewel tones for a luxurious scheme that is befitting of the colour’s regal history. A tufted sofa in decadent purple velvet is a perfect way to introduce bold colour into an otherwise neutral scheme, while these shades also work fantastically well as an accent when paired with similar tones of blush and mauve for a richly layered look.


If you’re feeling brave, we adore aubergine for walls – deep shades bring drama and intimacy to any space. Team with crisp white ceilings and woodwork for a period look that’s cosy without feeling enclosed – wonderful in a dining room, as a stunning backdrop one of our tables in natural wood or cream glazed finish.