What makes the perfect dining chair? Do you go for looks, or comfort? Practicality, or style?

At DINE Living, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose! Our range of dining chairs represents a fusion of classic Italian or French style with contemporary design and practical, durable features, so no matter what your style – or lifestyle – we’ve got you covered! We asked our product writer and self-confessed interiors aficionado Claire Martin to choose two of her favourites – here’s what she said…

My first pick would have to be the Roma for a perfect blend of practicality and style. Quintessentially Italian in design, this minimalist chair features an unbreakable steel frame wrapped in luxurious faux leather for a tactile but durable finish.


I love the Roma because it works hard in any setting – it’s compact so you can get more people around the table, it’s stackable for easy storage, and it’s wipeable so it’s perfect for family life too.

The Bingley chair is high on my wish list for formal dining. The French-inspired carved legs and scalloped, studded edge are just irresistible – add the tall back with softly curved top, and beautiful upholstery in two colours and it’s a recipe for timeless elegance.


I just adore the femininity of the Bingley; as part of a group around one of DINE’s stunning tables it looks beautifully rich but it’s equally stunning as an occasional chair for the hallway, bedroom or dressing room.