Clearly spring didn’t get the memo after our last blog, because here at DINE Living HQ in Edinburgh we’ve been battling through snowdrifts over the past couple of weeks! The freezing weather has given us even more of a reason to think about interiors and how our homes can really be a sanctuary from the elements as well as from the frenetic pace of 21st century living.


According to those in the know, 2018 is going to be all about comfort – from tactile elements that appeal to our senses, to nostalgic styles that soothe the soul. Here’s part two of our spotlight on the upcoming trends we’ll be seeing in stylish homes this year…

Velvet upholstery
Advancing technology means velvet is more accessible than ever and it’s becoming increasingly popular as a decadent choice for upholstery, especially in pastel shades for a romantic look that taps into our desire for luxury and comfort in a harsh world.

Dark wood
Pale finishes on timber floors and furniture have been fashionable for so long you might have forgotten about the appeal of traditional dark wood – but at DINE Living, we haven’t! We’re delighted to see the darker hardwoods staging a renaissance and adding a gravitas to the modern home that has been missing for too long. Our dark and extra dark oak options fit the bill perfectly.

Dismissed as old-fashioned not so very long ago, chintz is making a comeback as part of an overall leaning towards maximalism, with layering of textures and patterns to create interest. Even the boldest florals and botanicals are surprisingly easy to live with simply because they are inspired by nature, but there’s a chintz pattern to suit even the most contemporary tastes.

Luxe bathrooms
Another return to trends of the past, although we hope we’ll be spared a reprisal of the avocado bathroom suite! Expect a move away from the clinical, all-white bathroom to a more spa-inspired look with perhaps a statement hand basin, textured tiles, burnished brass taps and a subtle salvaged or industrial feel.

Move over copper, and forget rose gold – brass is the metal of the moment and we’re going to see it everywhere from kitchen taps and bathroom hardware to furniture legs, door handles and light fittings. Many of us will have grown up with a bottle of brass cleaner in the cupboard – time to stock up again, perhaps?