Once a staple of any home worth its salt, as modern living has evolved, the dining room has had to follow suit – and these days, there are no hard and fast rules about what a dining room can or should be.


The trend towards open plan interiors means that for many, their dining room now forms part of a multi-purpose space used for everything from study to formal dining.  And while the formal, separate dining room is making a comeback in millennial lifestyles, the focus is very much on creating a relaxed and stylish space that echoes the feel of a contemporary restaurant rather than something from the pages of a furniture catalogue.

These trends mean that dining room furniture is also evolving.  Whether for open plan or formal dining, the days of delicate, ‘no kids allowed’ furniture are well and truly behind us, and modern families are rediscovering the joy of inclusive dining for all occasions.


What’s more, the modern homeowner is more discerning than ever.  The trend towards throwaway purchases is dying as people become more aware of their environmental footprint, and generally speaking, the millennial household simply doesn’t have money to waste on furniture that won’t stand the test of time.

The result is a demand for furniture that is beautifully and sustainably made, with timeless styling and robust design that will only improve over time.  And practicality is just one piece of the puzzle – with so much choice out there, today’s consumer doesn’t have to compromise on style, so there’s a careful balance to be struck between form and function, too.


With so many boxes to be ticked, it’s little surprise that overall, dining room furniture is taking on a more eclectic style.  Tables and chairs no longer have to come as a matching set, and instead homeowners are mixing materials, styles and colours to create an individual look that is both beautiful and practical.

At DINE Living, our carefully curated range of dining furniture is an ideal choice for those wishing to create a bespoke look in their home.  We believe our tables are the perfect example of why ‘heirlooms’ don’t have to be old-fashioned – we’ve combined artisan materials and craftsmanship with simple, clean designs that work fabulously in almost any setting.


Of course, a table is nothing without some chairs, and to tap into the eclectic, mix and match look that’s becoming more and more popular, we offer a range of different chair styles encompassing everything from cutting edge Italian style to classic English design.


When it comes to choosing the right chairs to go with your tables, we think the rules are made to be broken!  Dark wood with light, mixed upholstery fabrics, sumptuous upholstery juxtaposed against contemporary clean lines – the beauty of our range is that anything goes.  You can mix and match to your heart’s content, creating a look that perfectly reflects your taste and lifestyle.