Our solid hardwood products are crafted from 100% natural oak or maple. Every single table or chair has its own natural variations in grain and even colour. Every piece of wood is equally strong and imparts the beauty and value that solid hardwood can give to the most modern or classic home.

Trees grow limbs, which fall to the forest floor as the tree matures. What remains are knots in the wood. Each time you see a knot on hardwood surface, you’ll know a tree limb once grew from that spot. These natural markings are no defect on the wood’s durability and structural integrity. In fact they are the indications of genuine quality.

The unique grain patterns of solid hardwoods are related to the tree’s growth rings. Trees absorb minerals and other essentials as they grow and prosper. You may see their traces in our furniture. These natural characteristics let you know you are enjoying the authentic item, and not an artificial wood imitation.

Coupling design with nature and quality with individuality gives character to every piece.

DINE Living